Aluminium micro profiles precision profiles

extruded extrusion solar living bautec gloss alloys machining surface technology

  • component
  • manufacture
  • SOLAR Laminate-modul
  • clamps
  • Carrier profiles
  • Solar Flat Roof Frame System EasyFlex
  • Solar Flat Roof System Effectus
  • Solar Free-Field Systems
  • Mounting system technology
  • Roof fixtures

Solar.Pro.Tool Furniture profile technology Handles and Strip Handles Glass Door Frames Subassemblies Bases

SYSTEM ALMONT - Facade System

SYSTEM ALMONT - Window and door system

Conservatories Noise protection Windows, doors and facades Sunshades

The company of Alumero building with aluminum

  • Cost-optimized product design
  • tolerances
  • profile weight
  • presses
  • minimum quantities
  • aluminum
  • extruding
  • profile weight
  • processing of aluminum

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Aluminium – the “green” metal

About 8% of the earths crust is made up of different types of aluminium compounds. That makes aluminium one of the few raw materials with an almost unlimited supply. Because of its material properties aluminium has low environmental impact, and it can be used time and time again for the same purposes. The recycling of aluminium only requires 5% of the original energy input. The percentage of remelting aluminium is meanwhile globally at 35% of the yearly wastage, the trend is increasing.

Aluminium is therefore correctly also in the future a material with future!