Aluminium micro profiles precision profiles

extruded extrusion solar living bautec gloss alloys machining surface technology

  • component
  • manufacture
  • SOLAR Laminate-modul
  • clamps
  • Carrier profiles
  • Solar Flat Roof Frame System EasyFlex
  • Solar Flat Roof System Effectus
  • Solar Free-Field Systems
  • Mounting system technology
  • Roof fixtures

Solar.Pro.Tool Furniture profile technology Handles and Strip Handles Glass Door Frames Subassemblies Bases

SYSTEM ALMONT - Facade System

SYSTEM ALMONT - Window and door system

Conservatories Noise protection Windows, doors and facades Sunshades

Products from Alumero

  • façade construction
  • aluminum
  • aluminum
  • aluminum products
  • profile fences
  • loading platforms of aluminum
  • laser cutting
  • aluminum construction
  • park barriers of aluminum

>Extrusionsby Alumero competence in aluminium

  • aluminum extrusions
  • gloss alloys
  • Mechanical processing
  • surface finishing
  • High precision micro profiles
  • precision profiles
  • structure Facade
  • processing of aluminum
  • Almont
  • Protos

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ALUMERO Systematics Solutions GmbH · Sonnenweg 1-2 · A-5164 Seeham · T +43 6217 6841-0 · F +43 6217 6841-41 ·

Extruded Products

Your big advantage

  • Aluminium micro and precision profiles as well as mechanical
  • processing, all from a single source
  • Highly trained workforce
  • Custom solutions
  • Short response times, quick and flexible processing times
  • Prototypes to series
  • Assembly group manufacturing of in-house and external products
  • High-quality surfaces and processing
  • Professional-quality, modern machinery
  • In-house consulting and design office
  • On-schedule delivery and flexible logistics



Aluminium Extruded Products

ALUMERO extrusions is specialized in the extrusion and machining of precision aluminium profiles. We develop for every specific assigment and requirement the of high quality and economical solution.

Our 500 t to 3,500 t presses meet every requirement for complex profile sections made with a high degree of precision according to EN 755-9 and/or EN 12020-2. thereby it is not just the construction of the press, but also the correct applied alloy and press speed. In all areas is beside high product quality a special focus on on-schedule and professional project processing .


Custom Solutions Finding customized solutions in close cooperation with our clients is both our mission and our duty. From idea to draft to fabrication to the finished product, we put our expertise to work for you.