Aluminium micro profiles precision profiles

extruded extrusion solar living bautec gloss alloys machining surface technology

  • component
  • manufacture
  • SOLAR Laminate-modul
  • clamps
  • Carrier profiles
  • Solar Flat Roof Frame System EasyFlex
  • Solar Flat Roof System Effectus
  • Solar Free-Field Systems
  • Mounting system technology
  • Roof fixtures

Solar.Pro.Tool Furniture profile technology Handles and Strip Handles Glass Door Frames Subassemblies Bases

SYSTEM ALMONT - Facade System

SYSTEM ALMONT - Window and door system

Conservatories Noise protection Windows, doors and facades Sunshades

Products from Alumero

  • façade construction
  • aluminum
  • aluminum
  • aluminum products
  • profile fences
  • loading platforms of aluminum
  • laser cutting
  • aluminum construction
  • park barriers of aluminum

Living with aluminium from Alumero

  • profile technology
  • handles
  • glass door frame
  • frame
  • assembly production
  • substructures furniture
  • base feet
  • aluminum
  • aluminum profiles

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ALUMERO Systematics Solutions GmbH · Sonnenweg 1-2 · A-5164 Seeham · T +43 6217 6841-0 · F +43 6217 6841-41 ·

Handles, Strip Handles (visible or concealed), Recesses Handles, Inset Handles

Your big alumero advantage

  • Modern design
  • Customisation
  • Individual anodisation
  • Large variety of surface finishes
  • Straight from the manufacturer (everything from one source, from extrusion to machining)
  • Reliable delivery times


Delivery options

  • Standard: 20 ea. per carton
  • Individual packaging as agreed



  • Strip handles
  • Concealed strip handles
  • Recessed handles
  • Inset handles



Alumero´s aluminium strip handles are custom-made to the client’s specifications and are characterised by the top-quality workmanship. All cut edges are either milled or carefully brushed using modern deburring machines. After that the strip handles are individually anodised for optimal edge protection.

Available surface finishes

  • Anodising
  • Stainless-steel effect (Inox)
  • Chrome-plating
  • Sandblasting
  • RAL powder coating
  • and much more

In addition to standard handles, ALUMERO offers custom handles designed to the client’s specifications. After all, implementing our clients’ ideas is our mission!

Besides its technical advantages aluminium is used in the furniture industry mainly for aesthetic reasons. Aluminium offers the manufacturer nearly unlimited design and development possibilities.